Doppler Radar Velocity Simulator

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The EDH velocity simulator unit (VSU) is a portable device able to simulate a projectile for any continuous wave X-band doppler radar. The simulator has the ability to directly measure the radar’s antenna’s power and frequency.

Up to 7 user programmable projectiles can be simulated the device and each one’s velocity, retardation, duration, rate of fire and burst length is adjustable.

  • Live weapons/rounds can be substituted with the velocity simulator
  • Training situations of new radar operators
  • Setup of radars before testing commences
  • Routine maintenance – radars can be tested without being dismantled
  • Check functionality of the Muzzle Velocity Radar System
  • Test the accuracy of radars
  • Directly measure the radar’s antenna power and frequency.
  • Simulated demonstrations of a radar’s capabilities
Velocity Simulator Unit
Velocity Simulator Perspectives
Technical Specification
Microwave Frequency measurement
Range 10 to 11 GHz
Resolution 0.05 MHz
Accuracy 50 ppm
Display Increments of 0.1 Mhz
Microwave Power measurement
Range 10 to 36 dBm +- 2 dBm
Resolution 1dB
Display Instantaneous and Peak
Target parameters Velocity, Retardation, Duration, Rate of fire, Burst length
Simulated Targets

User programmable target types – maximum of 7. Continuous wave, Slow, Very fast, Short burst, Long burst. Selected simulation setting displayed on build-in LCD display.


Reference clock output for calibration. Velocity compensated for radar frequency.

Frequency range X band (10 – 11 GHz)
Flash detector test output

An optical flash, synchronized with the Doppler signal, is generated for testing flash detector triggers.

Display LCD (8char x 2 lines)
Power supply Rechargeable internal battery
Battery life 3 hours for continuous use
Charging supply 100~240VAC 50/60 Hz mains supply
Tripod mount ¼-20 screw thread mount on bottom of unit
Dimensions 125 x 205 x 90 mm (H x W x D)
Mass 1,93 kg
Model ED-VSU
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